Letter from Jeremy Hunt to Conservative Friends of the Caribbean

Dear Conservative Friends of the Caribbean,

I am a strong supporter of your group, so ably chaired by Molly Samuel-Leport.

As Foreign Secretary, it is an honour to represent the UK’s interests around the world. With hundreds of thousands of people of Caribbean origin living in the UK and many thousands of British people living in the Caribbean, the ongoing relationship between the UK and the Caribbean is incredibly important.

With 5 British Overseas territories and 12 Commonwealth countries, the UK is culturally, politically and historically linked with the Caribbean, and we are all the richer for it. After the war, many people came to this country from around the Commonwealth to make their lives here and to help rebuild Britain. That generation helped to establish the National Health Service and enriched our culture.

The UK is preparing to open four new diplomatic posts in the Caribbean and the Government will launch a new Caribbean Strategy later this year. After we have delivered Brexit, our links with the region will only become stronger.

I want us to be a proud country which walks tall in the world once again, and leaving the European Union allows us to develop stronger ties with our historic partners, an independent trade policy and a substantial increase to our military defence budget to ensure we can support our allies wherever they are in the world.

Under my leadership, Britain will continue to be a global, outward-looking, tolerant country. This vision of our country is at the heart of my plan, and I wanted to share with you all some thoughts about why I would like your support to be the next Prime Minister.

One of the opportunities of Brexit is to show the world that we are confident and ambitious for our country, and that starts with turbo charging our economy. I will reduce corporation tax to 12.5%, sending a signal to the companies of the world that Britain is the place to invest and grow. And for small businesses, I will take hundreds of thousands of firms out of business rates altogether. And to ensure that our economic growth drives opportunities for all, I will invest in the schools system to make sure this country’s next social mission is abolishing illiteracy.

What’s more, when we have delivered Brexit, I want us to be a proud country which walks tall in the world once again, which means an independent trade policy and a substantial increase to our military defence budget.

And finally, we Conservatives have got to form a new contract between the generations, making it our mission to ensure the opportunities for young people today are at least as big as the ones experienced by people of my generation. This means building 1.5 million homes with a new right to own, reducing interest payments on student loans, and taking the bold decisions needed to tackle climate change.

In short, I will build a dynamic, entrepreneurial country that defends our values abroad and keeps Jeremy Corbyn out of Number 10.

For more information about my campaign, visit https://jeremyhunt2019.co.uk/

Thank you for your support. With very best wishes,


Jeremy Hunt

P.S I want to hear directly from you so, please join me on a telephone town hall at 11am on 7th July and together we can show Britain at its best: jeremyhunt2019.co.uk/townhall